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Home Moving​

Reliable home moving services ensure smooth transitions to your new residence with care and efficiency.

World Shipping

Efficient global shipping solutions deliver your goods securely to destinations worldwide, hassle-free.

Local Courier:

Dependable local courier services ensure prompt and secure delivery within your area, every time.

Custom Kitting & Packaging

Tailored kitting and packaging solutions ensure your products are professionally presented.

ability to offer customized solutions

Combining the latest logistics technology

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Making The Impossible, Possible

We will continue to build and nurture a culture promoting challenge, inquiry and a continual focus on the customer.


20K Ratings


End to End Solutions

Years of expertise guaranteeing reliable and efficient logistics solutions.


Complete services ensuring smooth logistics from start to finish.


Flexible approaches to meet evolving demands, ensuring continuous success.

all customers feel satisfaction

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A satisfied client shares their experience with The Global Path, highlighting exceptional service, reliability, and successful outcomes achieved.

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Scalable For Every Project, Adaptable For Every Need

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Efficient handling of orders ensures timely fulfillment and satisfaction.



Reliable distribution network ensures smooth flow of goods to destinations.



Secure and efficient transportation solutions for timely delivery worldwide.



Expert brokerage services streamline customs processes for hassle-free transactions.


Industries We Operate In

optimal solutions to help you meet your business challenges


Your sustainable logistics partner in the railway industry.


High-level logistics support for the ever-growing automotive industry.


A trusted logistics and distribution partner, promoting growth in your business

Aerospace & Aviation

We provide global supply chain solutions for the aerospace

Fashion & Retail

Global expansion of logistics services and service quality for fashion


Delivering food safety with peace of mind, with a fully developed land


Global network of Nippon Express supports supply chains of life-sustaining pharmaceutical products

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