Unlock Savings: Shipping Filling LTL vs STL – Making the Right Choice for Your Bottom Line 2024


Hiring a trucking firm, packing a trailer full of stuff, and sending it straight to its destination is one method of moving products. Truckload shipping, sometimes referred to as full truckload or FTL, is a dependable, quick shipping option that works well for big businesses that carry a lot of cargo. However, what happens if you transport less items? Shippers have typically been forced to pick between paying for a truckload of freight even when there wasn’t enough for the truck to fill it or taking a less-than-truckload alternative that wasn’t as reliable.


Less-than-truckload shipping: what is it?

You can carry smaller loads with less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping instead of having to wait to fill a trailer to capacity. You can split the cost of your LTL shipping with other shippers and combine your smaller loads with other shipments. The best freight for LTL shipment is:

less than nine pallets
weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds.

Occupies less than 12 linear feet of trailer space.

Since you only pay for the space you use, LTL shipping is typically less expensive than FTL, but there are often additional hazards and costs associated with it. For instance, your cargo may be damaged or lost during unloading while shipping LTL freight because it is handled more frequently at distribution centers and terminals along the route.

Shared truckload shipping: what is it?

How might you ship your less-than-truckload cargo if there was a better way? For shipments that don’t completely fill a trailer, shared truckload, or STL shipping, is a more sensible, efficient, and environmentally friendly choice. Similar to LTL shipping, STL shipping enables companies to maximize trailer capacity by grouping freight with other shipments. Each shipper just pays for the fraction of the trailer they utilize when space is shared, which can result in up to a 20% reduction in shipping expenses. When you schedule an STL delivery, unique online freight technology matches available trucks in the same shipping lane with shipments, eliminating the need for terminals. This can result in quicker transit times in addition to lowering the possibility of loss or damage during transit. Reducing the carbon impact of your busin ess can also be achieved through shared truckload shipment. Compared to standard FTL transportation, consolidated shipments result in fewer trucks traveling with unused space, lower fuel usage, and up to 40% lower carbon emissions.

LTL and STL shipping are similar.

Combining several shipments onto a single vehicle is a feature of both LTL and STL shipping. These approaches are comparable in a few ways.

Savings: When compared to scheduling a full truckload for smaller shipments, both techniques are more affordable.
Consolidation: In both cases, cargo from several clients are combined into a single multi-stop truckload, allowing shippers to only pay for the actual space they utilize.

Important distinctions between LTL and STL shipping.

Although the terms LTL and STL are sometimes used interchangeably in the media due to their similarities, there are a few significant distinctions:

Shipment Size: STL may handle greater goods (up to 20 pallets) while still letting shippers to pay for only the space they need. In contrast, LTL shipments are subject to stringent size limitations, usually limited to up to 9 pallets.

Freight Class: A particular freight class is allocated to LTL cargo, which may have an impact on costs and weight restrictions. Contrarily, STL does not require complicated freight classifications because it can handle a wide range of freight kinds and makes use of the truckload network.

Weight constraints: Compared to LTL, STL weight constraints are far more lenient, allowing for bigger shipments.

Fees for Accessorial: If you ship less-than-truckload (LTL) freight, you might have to pay for extras like liftgates, inside delivery, or notice calls. You might also have to pay residential fees, re-weigh, or other additional charges. You get the greatest rates with STL and never have to worry about unforeseen costs.

Dependability: While terminal pauses can cause delays, damage, and loss, shipping LTL can get your shipment out the door faster than FTL. In fact, 89% of LTL shippers had to cope with damaged freight in 2022; shippers had to pay an average of $1,988 for LTL shipments that were delayed or damaged. As STL freight does not pass through terminals en route to its destination, it is not handled in transit. As a result, your shipment is delivered on schedule and undamaged.

Monitoring: With several trucks and pauses at distribution centers, tracking LTL shipments can be challenging. STL shipments, on the other hand, go with just one truck, which facilitates easier location monitoring at all times.
Environmental Benefits: STL is an environmentally favorable alternative for smaller loads because it can assist minimize the number of trucks on the road by grouping shipments and avoiding energy-intensive terminals.
Selecting the load-appropriate mode.

Selecting the best freight service for your company involves a lot of considerations. Prior to sending, you should compare LTL shipping options and take into account things like:

1.dimensions, weight, and size of your freight specific handling needs
2.Schedule limitations and time sensitivity supplier and client inclinations
3.budget requirements for communication and shipment tracking
4.Flock Freight is a partner you can rely on for reasonable prices, enhanced efficiency, and on-time, damage-free delivery, regardless of the size of your shipment. For your shipping needs, our experts can assist you in selecting the optimal way.FlockDirect® may assist you in achieving your business objectives by providing effective, affordable shipping solutions, such as our special STL service. Our unique freight system makes shipping easier and more economical by matching suitable cargo with available trailer space along your preferred route. Get more about shipping by truckload and schedule a demo right now.

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